If you want to install bathroom countertops in Buckhead, you could potentially be adding hundreds of dollars of value to your home for every upgrade you make. High-quality marble and granite adds sleek beauty to any style of bathroom. If you do not know how to install countertops, you should learn how to prepare for this process. Good installation is just as important as the countertops themselves.

  1. Prep Work – First, you should carefully remove the old material. This will be especially easy if you have an artificial and light material now, like linoleum. The top of the vanity may need to be cleaned and sanded to remove old adhesives and make way for the new stone slabs.
  2. Slab Fabrication – You can either purchase “pre-fab” slabs that are pre-cut and ready for bathroom vanities, or order a custom slab based on your individual, unique vanity. They will be cut to exact measurements with edging and even a backsplash or border, if you want. They will also be drilled to fit around sinks, faucets, and other hardware.
  3. Caulking – Strong, appropriate caulking is important for securing your countertops, which is necessary unless you want an unstable countertop that slides in and out of place. Professionals will caulk the edges of the vanity and the corner of the wall where the countertop will meet it.
  4. Positioning – Now it is time to secure the countertops in place. They can slide into position and caulking will hold them secure. A few dollops of silicone adhesive may be needed on the underside of the stone. Once they have rested in position for a while, you can seal the seams between slabs with tile caulk.

While the countertops installation cost will be much lower if you do the prep or installation work yourself, it is vital to the longevity of your new vanity that you hire professional installers. The investment is more than worth the initial payment. Keep in mind that most outlets that cut and sell high-quality countertop materials like granite and marble can also install bathroom countertops in Buckhead.