High-quality granite is a beautiful investment. These countertops can be spectacular centerpieces of any kitchen or bathroom. However, like nearly every material in your home, granite countertops require some care and maintenance. The countertop installation cost is an initial payment for a material that can last for decades, but you have to work to prolong their lifespan.

Because beautiful, rich coloring is the main draw of granite, these are some tips for maintaining good granite countertop color in Roswell kitchens and bathrooms.

  •  Be sure to wipe down your countertops after every meal. Certain chemicals in foods you eat can be destructive to granite after prolonged exposure. Citric acid, wine, coffee, and foods like beets that are rich in color can leave stains over time. Lighter granite, in particular, can show stains.
  • Avoid leaving certain containers directly on your countertops. Oil, alcohol bottles, bleach, nail polish remover, hair dye, and cosmetics can drip onto your countertops and discolor them, leaving unusual rings or splotches on your valuable granite. Always put away containers in cabinets.
  • You should also clean your countertops regularly with specialized granite cleaners. Weekly cleaning gets rid of stray food crumbs, liquid food residue that may have been left behind, dust, dirt, and grease. This will make your countertops look good as new for a long time.
  • Because granite countertops prices can be fairly high, depending on factors like the cut and coloring, you should be aware of whether or not they need to be resealed. If they do, you should ask your installation experts how often your countertops need to be resealed. Resealing countertops keeps their color rich and prevents heat or cold from warping the countertops.

If you want to preserve your granite countertop color in Roswell, be sure to follow the above advice. And remember, the better the quality of the granite, the longer it will last and the better it will look. Always find specialists that offer the best granite for your kitchens and bathrooms.