When you’re shopping for granite countertops in Dunwoody, you may feel drawn in to ads you get in the mail or hear on the radio. These ads promise to get you the perfect countertops you want for an unbelievably low price. Of course, you already know that most of these come with restrictions that may make the offer useless to you. Here is an explanation of some of these advertising practices in the industry.


Most customers love getting a good deal. If you offered them a car or new kitchen countertops for half the regular price, they’d probably jump at it. The problem is that some companies take advantage of this by increasing the actual price and then lowering it with an incredible offer. While there’s nothing wrong with offering discounts on your products, the final price is what counts.

It’s important to compare an unbelievable offer like 50 percent off with the regular prices at other companies. It’s quite possible that the regular price is even lower than this so-called deal. The trouble with the granite and marble industry is that most consumers don’t really know what the normal prices are since it’s a purchase that you only make once over many years.


Some companies in the granite and marble industry severely underprice their products to get you in the door. In many cases, these low prices are only valid for the lowest quality products they have. If you don’t mind unattractive countertops, you can certainly take advantage of these deals, but most consumers would pass. At this point, the sales staff will show you what else they have and upsell the products they really want you to buy.

Underpricing is common in many industries. Every car dealer has at least one unbelievably low-priced vehicle for sale. A lot of times, the lowest price for new cars refers to the most basic version of the car that’s not even automatic. And while the car manufacturer advertises that price on the radio, the car dealer doesn’t even have that particular model on their lot. They place similar advertisements for financing, which only a few customers can qualify for.

Deceitful Marketing

It’s important to do your research, because you don’t want to buy from a company that uses deceitful marketing practices to get you in the door. It’s much better to look for a quality supplier of marble and granite that focuses on offering high-quality products without trying to trick you on the pricing end. When you purchase quality products, you can’t expect to pay the same price as for a low-end solution. If that’s the case, there’s something fishy about the offer.