Are you planning a kitchen remodeling project? If so, you’ve likely been doing a lot of research about the different types of countertops. There are so many different materials to choose from; it can be difficult to know which ones will look best in your kitchen. Natural stone counters are some of the most popular options. One of the newest materials in this category, quartzite, may also be one of the best. Keep reading to learn all about what quartzite is and its many advantages.

Quartzite: What Is It?

Quartzite is a natural stone that is made of sandstone. Though the process of high pressurization and heating, the sandstone is converted into quartzite. When it is heated, the material re-crystallizes, creating stunning and unique patterns. It also becomes incredibly durable and hard, making it an excellent choice for kitchen countertops.

People often confuse quartz and quartzite because their names are so similar. However, the two have a few key dissimilarities. Quartz is an engineered material made by combining crushed stone, color, and resin. Quartzite, on the other hand, is a natural stone that is treated with pressure and heat to be used as countertops, flooring, stairs, and more. Read more below to discover the many benefits of installing quartzite countertops.

Durable and Hard

Quartzite is one of the strongest and most durable countertop materials out there. Experts use a test called the Mohs test to measure the hardness of a material. Quartzite has a score of eight out of ten on the Mohs test. Other common counter materials can barely measure up. Marble has a rating of four, granite has seven, and quartz also has an eight. Greater durability means that your countertops can withstand more use and will last for much longer without needing to be replaced.

Variety of Colors and Patterns

You can find quartzite counters in a wide range of colors and designs. From white and cream to black with flecks of blue, there are tons of options available that look stunning in any kitchen. Quartzite counters are most comparable to marble countertops in look, but they are much more durable.


This material is not water or acid soluble. This means that, if you spill something on the counter, the liquid will not absorb into the counter. This makes stains less likely to form on the quartzite. Because of this, you can essentially guarantee that your counters will continue to look as good in the future as they did on the day when the contractor came to install the countertops.


Quartzite is also resistant to heat. It will not be damaged if you place a hot pan or another object on it. Cooking will be simple and convenient with quartzite counters. Other materials, on the other hand, can crack or get. Otherwise damaged if you put hot objects on them without a trivet or other protection.

Low Maintenance

These countertops also require less maintenance than many other varieties of natural stone counters. You won’t need to stress about scratches, stains, or other marks forming on your quartzite counters. Instead, you can relax and enjoy their natural beauty.

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