If your kitchen is going through a rut and you need to give it a makeover, what better place to look for inspiration than a restaurant? Valuing both functionality and aesthetics, a restaurant can be the perfect place to look for inspiration when it comes to your ideal modern makeover. The most stylish and sleek designs in this post have been picked out to give you the most valuable information for possible renovation. They are also options are available for purchase in Roswell. Here are some interesting renovation ideas you can gain from restaurant interiors.

King + Duke Atlanta 

This particular restaurant takes advantage of very thick countertops. The subtle mix of marble and wood work very well for the overall interior. One mistake that is usually made with marble is that it is used too much and the end result leads to a cold feeling. This restaurant, however, avoids that and combines the wood to ‘warm’ things up and make the atmosphere cozy. A renovation idea to take away from is the combination of marble and wood and what it does for the restaurant overall. You could accomplish this by using wood cabinets and combining them with sleek marble custom countertops, which would provide a striking balance and give your kitchen a very cozy, modern aesthetic.

Navy, New York 

This restaurant uses tiles in a clever and almost playful manner. Black and white tiles create a fun pattern that is specific to the restaurant and give it a unique feeling. The countertops of this particular restaurant are in copper, so both of these elements combine for a fun, quirky and welcoming atmosphere. If you want to be a little edgy, you can use this tile idea and create your own pattern for the kitchen. It will definitely attract the eyes and interest of your guests.

Republique, LA

This restaurant takes advantage of using patterned concrete tiles that provide a refreshing balance and make their interior more aesthetically pleasing. Combined with wood cabinets, this would be a great idea for someone who wants a kitchen that is different from most others.

Blue Ocean Sushi, California 

This dazzling restaurant interior immediately catches your eye. The attention is drawn to the clever mix of black and wood tones. While this contrast is very easy  to see, there is also a  subtle touch of red included. The tiles in the pattern of triangles provide a further contrast. Overall, the look just works well, but it may be difficult to replicate in a kitchen environment. This setup is for those willing to take risks that’ll help to make an edgy and distinct kitchen interior.

Gracias Madre, LA

This restaurant interior is, as you may expect from its namesake, inspired by an authentic Mexican aesthetic. There are patterned tiles alongside a concrete countertop, which is especially interesting because you can get a quality countertop like this installed in Roswell. This interior makes great use of the color white and is a great inspiration for those looking for a lighter-shaded kitchen interior.

Golden Fields, Melbourne 

This interior takes advantage of sleek minimalism. There’s a marble countertop that is combined with white tiles, and the cabinets provide a direct contrast since they are shadowbox. The whole look is pulled off brilliantly and should be a top inspiration for anyone aspiring toward a simple yet sleek minimalist design for their kitchen interior.

Horn Please, Melbourne

Australian restaurants are somewhat known for their originality. This Melbourne-based restaurant lives up to that reputation with gorgeous patterned tiles being paired up with a wooden countertop. It makes for a striking yet original look. This is another combination that you could surely look to replicate in your kitchen.

These amazing original restaurant designs should have given you all the inspiration you need to make your kitchen makeover dreams a reality. Remember that replicating these ideas is not always straightforward, and that’s why you should consult with some quality countertops specialists first, as they can provide you with expert advice on what types of countertops in Roswell would suit your kitchen best.