Silestone is a custom countertop option in Alpharetta, GA, made by Cosentino. Cosentino is one of the most recognized brands in the countertop industry because of the quality and durability of their products. It’s naturally resistant to bacteria, staining, and scratches. Unlike granite and marble, quartz is low-maintenance and doesn’t require regular treatments of sealer. This is just one of the reasons why Silestone has become one of the most popular materials for bathroom countertops.

The Silestone Difference

Silestone is made of a combination of aggregated quartz and resin. Quartz comes from granite that has been crushed. Resin is added to quartz pieces and allowed to harden, creating a hard, non-porous surface. Silestone is made with between 7-10% resin. This unique combination of resin and quartz is what gives Silestone it’s resilience and durability. Unlike granite that requires sealer treatments, Silestone is naturally resistant to bacteria, staining, and scratches thanks to the resin used in its production. For busy families, Silestone is the perfect choice for a bathroom countertop.

Versatile Beauty

The proportions of stone and resin in a specific surface will vary depending on the grain size of the quartz and the desired aesthetic effect. Silestone’s unique beauty comes from the size of the quartz grains used in its production. For example, large quartz grains require less resin to create the suspension. Silestone’s Arctic surface from their Ocean series is a prime example of large quartz suspension. This color goes well with the modern and minimalist styles of bathroom decor. While large grain Silestone surfaces often take center stage in your room, other surfaces that use smaller pieces of quartz grain create a subtler and more uniformed look. Coloring agents and trace minerals are added to each suspension to create unique colors like Aquatint and Sienna Ridge. Silestone engineers can also customize the surface and edges of the countertop to your specification. You can have your countertops polished to a luxurious shine or honed for a matte finish. Enhance the shape of your countertops with rounded, beveled, squared, or mitred edges.

Trendy Silestone in Your Bathroom

Silestone has endless possibilities when it comes to bathroom applications because it’s engineered to fit your design needs. The easiest way to add Silestone to your bathroom is by upgrading your bathroom countertops. Unlike marble, Silestone is completely non-porous which means it’s resistant to bacteria and mold, as well as stains from water, wine, and beauty products. Your countertop can be customized to incorporate a traditional drop-in bathroom sink, or you can request a recessed sink built into the material. Recessed sinks create a modern look at a fraction of the cost of solid stone because it doesn’t require stone carving techniques. The sink is impressed into the mold when the aggregate is poured. Quartz surfaces are also resistant to scratching and impacts, so you can have peace of mind if you accidentally drop your curling iron on quartz tiles.

If you want the look of marble or granite without the price tag of solid stone, Silestone is the solution to your bathroom remodeling plans. For more information on upgrading your bathroom countertops in Alpharetta, GA, contact the experts at Atlantis Granite & Marble.