With summer just peeking around the corner, the days of spring cleaning are in full swing. There’s nothing quite like preparing for the hot summer days ahead in Dunwoody by scrubbing every nook and cranny of your home. An important aspect of spring cleaning is the cleaning and polishing of your countertops. Whether they are granite or marble, below you will find some important tips to get them looking brand new, beautiful and shiny.


  1. Due to the variety of designs, colors, and looks granite has available, it can be quite difficult to see dirt and grime on the surface. Because of this, we recommend wiping it down with a soft, dry microfiber cloth. This will not only lift the dirt from the granite, but it will prevent pushing it into the corners and indents of the countertop. Using a microfiber cloth is significantly more gentle on granite than other items like paper towels or regular dish cloths.
  2. The type of cleaner used to clean granite is not only crucial to cleaning it properly, but it will also determine the upkeep and longevity of your granite. Using an improper cleaner could result in the breakdown of the sealant leading to the rock eventually becoming chipped or damaged. It is important for your cleaner to be pH-balanced and that you avoid cleaners that include ammonia, vinegar, or other acid based products. Not only is a pH-balanced cleaner safe and protective of the surface, it will be sure to eliminate streaks and remove dirt and other messes. One great tip, especially for spring cleaning is to combine about a quart of water and pH-balanced dish soap with 1/4 cup of isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. This will help restore the granite to its natural beauty. Stop by today to ask our countertop specialists about some other safe and effective cleaning solutions for your granite.
  3. Once your granite is dry from the cleaner, simply do a final wipe down with the palm of your hand to be sure you didn’t miss any tough spots. Feeling the smooth texture of granite is not only rewarding, but will ensure that there are no dirty areas hidden in the beautiful designs of the stone.


  1. When handling marble, be sure that you are using proper care every day. Use coasters with your cups and avoid setting anything on the surface that could cause scratching or chipping. While marble is a beautiful and intricate piece to have in your home, it is also very delicate, fragile and should be handled with care.
  2. Avoid cleaners that include alkalis, or acids such as ammonia, vinegar, orange, or lemon. These solutions could scratch the surface or dissolve the sealant which will make the marble more susceptible to stains or scratches. There are many great cleaners created specifically for marble but you could also just simply use hot water and soap. You can even use stone cleaner, which is okay to use on occasion, but most definitely not for frequent cleaning use. Be sure to use a sponge, soft cloth, or other gentle material when cleaning and don’t scrub, as this could cause bits of dirt and sand to scratch the surface.
  3. Be sure to dry it all very well when finished. Leaving pools of water or even a small amount of moisture will create more germs, scum and stains. Buffing with a dry microfiber cloth in the end will give it a nice, polished shine.

Whether you have granite or marble as a beautiful addition in your home, it is important to know how to clean, shine, and polish them while also avoiding any unnecessary damage. When performing your spring cleaning this year, don’t forget to follow the tips above to leave them looking perfect and in shape for the fun summer days ahead!