Your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home, and it is special for one particular reason: rather than being dressed up with decor and comfortable furniture, a kitchen should stand strong off its own architectural beauty. The materials, the flow of the space, where the light hits, the colors, and the shape motifs built into a finished kitchen should amaze you before you turn on the sink for the first time.

If you are building a kitchen or renovating an existing one, take care to design it as a finished space. Turn to experts for inspiration, and, most importantly, invest in high-quality building materials like marble kitchen countertops in Atlanta—materials you will want to leave clean and exposed rather than hiding them behind pointless decor. Here are 10 modern trends in countertop design that you will want to implement into your new or redesigned space. Consider this inspiration before you buy countertops for a kitchen in Atlanta.

Serene Blue-Gray

Endlessly sophisticated and unique, consider using blue-gray for granite kitchen countertops in Atlanta. It pairs well with dark, handsome features but can be feminized with pink, floral details.

Modern Glass

High-gloss marble offers a similar look to glass-topped counters, which are now popular for their contemporary, high-tech appearance. Marble offers a more stable alternative that is still pleasantly shiny.

Split Personalities

An excellent solution for symmetrical and hallway kitchens, consider installing granite countertops and counters of 2 different colors and reverse them on each side. Play with granite countertops color in your Atlanta kitchen.

Metallic Motifs

An excellent pairing with natural views, install gold marble, marble with bronze notes, or sleek black granite with matching fixtures and details for a modern, metallic appearance.

Countertops That Come First

Consider marble with aubergine or green veins and then work your entire kitchen design around these pieces. They will be the centerpieces of your kitchen.

Classic Mahogany

Mahogany details, such as cutting boards and eat-in kitchen dining tables, pair well with natural-hued granite, which can mirror the red, orange, and neutral brown hues of the wood.

Old-World Majestic

Install fine marble countertops with detailed striations and pair them with other gray or white details, including the flooring, cabinetry, and wall paint. If you prefer granite countertops prices in Atlanta, aim for a neutral granite in a light shade.

Standout Islands

Soapstone islands that differ from the color of the surrounding kitchen are highly popular today. The island will work as a visual draw toward the center of the room.

Vertical Marble

Not only does marble work well on the countertops, it even suits the walls! Install patterned marble wall panels or backsplash to draw the eye outward along the planes of the countertops and then up the walls. The final effect will be of a magnificently huge kitchen.

Rustic Soapstone

Soapstone has a natural and rough appearance that is perfect for rustic kitchens. Distressed cabinetry and walls are making a comeback alongside rough-looking counters.

Hopefully these 10 new design concepts have inspired your new kitchen design scheme. If you want even more design advice or want to begin building your dream kitchen, start by looking through a countertop material showroom offering high-quality counters for your kitchen in Atlanta.