New countertops can completely transform a kitchen or bathroom. You can certainly explore the many varieties of countertops available near you like beautiful quartz countertops, but for best results, leave the installation process to a pro.

Professionals can visit your home and upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms with more durable surfaces like quartz kitchen countertops, and more beautiful surfaces like elegant marble. Whatever type of countertop you want, professional installation is a must for you to get the best experience with the countertops, as well as a seamless look.

But it doesn’t hurt you to know more about the installation process. Here are the 8 steps necessary to install new countertops in your home.

Plan a Budget

Countertops can be incredibly inexpensive and short-lived, or outrageously expensive and impressive. Some surfaces fall right in between, which is why granite kitchen countertops are so popular. They look stylish but aren’t too pricey. Decide how much you’re able to spend, then visit countertops installers for a quote. Make sure you ask about the price of the products as well as installation.

Plan Installation

Set a specific time and date by which you’d like to have the installation work done. Get rid of any clutter in your kitchen or bathrooms that may interfere with installation. You should be at home to supervise the process.

Make Measurements

Whether or not you choose to invest in custom countertops, you still need to take precise measurements of all areas where you’d like to install whichever material you choose. Good measurements are essential for getting an appropriate fit and not wasting product.

Select a Product

At this point, it’s time to choose a specific surface. Take the time to explore different types of materials, and if you decide to invest in high-quality stone like quartz, explore the different style options and finishes available to you. You should also choose the edge profile, and determine if pre-fabricated surfaces are available for the area of installation. If not, a custom slab can probably be cut for you.


At this point, a specialist will visit your home and re-take accurate measurements, taking into account sinks, faucets, backsplash, and other objects around which the countertops will need to be installed. Special tools will be used to craft templates, or design guides that the installers use to ensure the final installation job matches the look you had in mind.

Welcome the Installers

Now, countertops installers will visit your home and begin installing the selected slabs. They’ll arrive with the surface that you selected, prepare the site of installation, and remove any existing countertops materials.

Trust in Pros

Now, you can simply trust in the team of professional installers to apply and secure your new countertops, as well as clean up after themselves. Depending on the type of surface you select, a sealant treatment may be necessary. The work should be finished within a single visit, but if they need to split the job, you’ll know this beforehand.

And that’s all it takes to install beautiful new countertops in your home. For more information about how to install countertops in Alpharetta, or to explore the beautiful surfaces available to you, visit Atlantis Granite & Marble today.