Countertops are perhaps the most prominent feature of any kitchen. They tend to make a statement about the quality and style of the entire home. One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to use a high quality, durable and stylish material for your countertops.

Quartz is a great option, because you can use it to create the same look as a natural stone slab, such as marble. Yet, it won’t stain easily like marble and is described by many who work with it as “indestructible.” Quartz will bring a versatility and flexibility to your kitchen design that you would never expect from such a quality material. And, the end result can be stunning.

Although you can get quartz in its natural slab form, engineered quartz will give you that natural beauty with a whole host of other benefits. Engineered quartz is crafted from ground natural quartz stone mixed with polymer resins. The result is extremely well-suited as a kitchen surface, among other things.


Quartz is stain, scratch, and heat resistant without requiring periodic resealing. Manufacturers can offer longer warranties due to its strength. And, the manufacturing process creates a non-porous surface. A non-porous surface means a sanitary surface, as germs have nowhere to hide.

Like natural stone, this material brings installation challenges that you should be aware of. Any builder with experience installing quartzite countertops in Marietta will tell you that it’s heavy, and this requires advanced planning. But, the beauty of a finished quartz countertop certainly outweighs any challenges.


When planning your kitchen, the flexibility of quartz comes down to one word. Options! This material can truly set your imagination free to design the look of your dreams. The possibilities seem endless.

Want the majestic look of marble without worrying about stains and scratches? You got it. Want color mixed right into the stone? You got that, too. One manufacturer lists 90 color options and 3 textures (suede, polished, and volcano). For the natural stone look, you can choose from a veined or a granular appearance.


Want a rustic, deep red or a rich dark-brown countertop to coordinate with the color scheme of a large open floor plan? Done. Designers often turn to quartz for an open floor plan in order to anchor the color scheme in the kitchen. They then elaborate on it in the surrounding living spaces.

Want to go bold and original while still maintaining top quality? How about an orange, blue, or bright green counter? In fact, one name of a color choice for this material is “magenta energy!”

For a little more subtlety but no less originality, how about indigo blue or saddle brown? Both will compliment a more classic style beautifully.

Another factor, when it comes to the unique design capabilities of quartz, comes into play with installation. Quartz allows for a continuous design without fissures or seams. So, it’s easy to extend up to the backsplash in the kitchen, for instance. You might also find quartz surfaces in unexpected places where they perform a purely aesthetic function.

You can achieve the exact look of any natural stone with much more flexibility and in unexpected places because quartz is held in place with glue rather than screws. For a price comparable to granite, very few materials will give you the versatility and strength of this one! Engineered quartz is built to perform.