Installing brand new bathroom countertops is an exciting process. You are about to upgrade the style and durability of every bathroom surface, eliminating outworn or outdated materials like ceramic countertop tiles or laminate. One of the most exciting parts is shopping for different materials and exploring your options, like choosing between sleek marble or colorful granite. Of course, you will need to install the countertops that you select and bring home. How do you install these countertops? Should you even attempt to do it yourself or find countertop specialists near Alpharetta to do it for you? These are some important things to consider before you start shopping for beautiful, upgraded bathroom surfaces.


While you may be tempted to do the installation work yourself, countertop installers in Alpharetta have the experience to do the job correctly. Sure, doing it yourself saves money–there is no one to pay when you do it yourself–but there are many reasons why you ought to hire a specialist instead. At the very least, you can avoid risks that you take when you install your own countertops as an amateur. For one, slabs of high-quality marble and granite–the premiere materials for great, long-lasting countertops–are incredibly heavy but also surprisingly delicate before they are installed. You can injure yourself attempting to move and place these giant stone slabs, or you can compromise the stone by clumsily attempting to install it yourself.

Professional Experience

Professional contractors know how to install bathroom countertops correctly, without making amateur mistakes like leaving gaps between the counters and walls or placing them crooked. Also, professionals can offer expert tips, like what type of countertop to install, which style and color will look best with your design scheme, and what type of edge customization options to consider. Professionals can even teach you how to maintain your countertops, including which cleaning supplies are must-haves and which ones you should avoid.

But, their experience will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your counters are secure and installed to last. If you do the work yourself, you might doubt how stable it is or if the adhesive you used will last the lifetime of the stone. Worse yet, you might even wonder if you installed a countertop that is too heavy for the vanity on which it sits. The professional advantage offsets the countertop installation cost by giving you high-quality craftsmanship you can rely on for many years.

Getting Started

So, if you are ready to upgrade a boring or updated bathroom, be sure to go to a specialist first. They can help you through the entire process of shopping, designing, customizing, and installing your new granite or marble countertops. They will even remain available if you need repairs, resealing, and other services that can help you maintain the material for decades. Search online to find countertop specialists near Alpharetta who are available to assist you. Before you know it, you will have a bathroom that is so beautiful, your friends and neighbors will be in awe.