Your bathroom is one of the money-makers of your home. If designed and updated properly, it can increase the equity you hold in your home and appear more modern. One of the biggest ways to add value to your bathroom is to choose a countertop material that is resilient and beautiful. Whether you’re looking to update your bathroom or you’re designing a new build, here are a few of the most common countertop options in Alpharetta that you can choose from.


Granite countertops are one of the most popular options around. Whether placed in the kitchen or bathroom, homeowners love the color and grain variety. Granite is a natural stone and is quarried in different parts of the world. The stone is then sanded down and polished into slabs. When placed in a home, it gives a luxurious and sleek look to the room. Granite is extremely durable and It’s not easy to scratch or dent. But, It does require some maintenance. Because it is porous, it does need to be sealed. If not sealed properly, the stone may harbor bacteria or stain.


Another popular choice, quartz comes in a variety of colors and textures. While it may appear similar to granite and marble, it’s actually very different. Quartz is not a solid slab like granite and marble is. Instead, it’s an engineered product. While natural stone is used to create the countertop, it’s combined with poly-resin and color to ensure its resiliency. It’s an extremely durable option, making it great for bathrooms. Quartz is also easy to clean and doesn’t need to be sealed. It’s scratch-resistant and also stain-resistant. However, it’s also one of the most expensive options available.


Made from particle board and plastic, laminate countertops can mimic the appearance of almost any other material. It’s a great option for those who are looking to update the look of their bathroom without spending a fortune. While laminate is inexpensive, it’s not nearly as resilient as other options. Because it’s made of plastic, it’s not heat, scratch, or stain-resistant. It’s also very difficult to repair, making it more expensive to replace in the long run.

Recycled Glass

Less common but just as beautiful as other options, recycled glass countertops are a great way to brighten up your bathroom. These sparkling countertops are made with 80 to 90 percent post-consumer glass materials. Held together with a cement binder, it’s an eco-friendly way to update your bathroom. Every recycled glass countertop is different, making your bathroom countertop completely unique. They are also extremely durable and aren’t prone to scratching or staining.


Perhaps the most elegant choice on the market, marble countertops are created from metamorphic rocks and shined to perfection. There are many different colors and grains to choose from. While marble countertops are heat-resistant, it can scratch easily if it’s not stained yearly. It also stains much easier than other countertop options if exposed to acidic substances.

There are many different types of countertops in Dunwoody to choose from. To select the right material for your bathroom, visit an Atlantis Granite & Marble showroom near you. In no time, you’ll have a beautiful new countertop that brings your space to life.