Granite countertops are an excellent investment for your kitchen and bathrooms. They add gorgeous texture, color, shine, and everyday practicality that you’ll love every day. Of course, this assumes that you care for your countertops properly. Countertops need the care to stay in great shape.
So, what can you do to take care of your countertops and ensure they last a long time? More importantly, what should you not do if you’re not ready to replace your countertops anytime soon? Professionals who install countertops have the following recommendations.

Do: Spot Treat

Normally, cleaning your granite countertops is as easy as using gentle dish soap and water and then wiping the surface dry. However, if something besides water spills on the surface, use a washcloth and spot treat the area right away. The sooner you wipe up spills, the better. While your granite countertops have a protective coating, very acidic or caustic substances can eat through this sealant and potentially stain the stone itself.

Don’t: Use the Wrong Materials

Don’t use harsh cleaners or cleaning agents on your granite countertops. Avoid using abrasive sponges or scrubbers. Don’t bleach your granite or let glass cleaner come in contact with them. Never use citrus-based cleaners either. A lemon scent is fine, but any homemade solution that contains citrus juice can damage the stone.

Do: Keep Them Dry

If you want your countertops to stay sanitary, avoid leaving them wet. Wet surfaces attract bacteria, mold, and other unwanted organic material. They’ll feed off the moisture and make your bathroom or kitchen surfaces unsanitary. In other words, remember to dry them after you clean them.

Do: Make Sure They’re Sealed

Your granite surfaces receive a coat of sealant before they’re ready for installation. That’s because granite is a naturally porous stone, and this isn’t appropriate for daily use. Porous surfaces soak up moisture, stains, bacteria, and even fungi. But that’s exactly what the sealant is for–forming a firm layer that protects your granite every day. Just make sure that your granite countertops are sealed and resealed regularly. A great test to ensure your countertops are still hygienic is to sprinkle a few drops of water directly on the surface. Shine a bright light over the surface so you can see the water either settle on the surface or soak into it. If water starts to recede into the stone, then it’s time to have granite installers reseal your countertops.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Professional countertops installers know everything that there is to know about granite, including where it’s mined, who each slab is custom cut, and, most importantly, how to care for your granite surface every day. If you want to get the best out of your granite kitchen countertops in Johns Creek, call Atlantis Granite & Marble today. We offer the finest countertops in the area, including quartz countertops, quartzite countertops, and the ever-popular granite surface. We also have care advice and offer maintenance. Whatever your countertops concerns may be, Atlantis Granite & Marble is here to assist you.