Granite is one of the most popular and elegant kitchen countertop options for modern homes this season. Famously colorful, unique, and hardy, you just can’t go wrong when you select granite kitchen countertops.

But there’s a difference between a suitable surface and an excellent one. So if you want the best countertops for kitchens of all sizes, shapes, and styles, look no further than blue pearl granite. Inviting, elegant, breathtaking, and providing all of the benefits that granite offers for everyday use, blue pearl granite is the perfect choice for your kitchen.

These are the top perks of installing blue pearl granite kitchen countertops in your home this year.

Introducing Blue Pearl

Blue pearl granite is a unique variety of granite, a natural stone that forms when minerals are exposed to intense heat and/or pressure underground. As it pressurizes, it changes from plain and boring rock to a beautifully crystalline and colorful stone. Granite is famous around the world for its uniqueness. After all, no two slabs of genuine granite are exactly the same.

That’s because each piece of granite has its own mineralogy, or the mineral ingredients in each piece. The presence of different minerals gives granite its dominant color, textural effects like specks or streaks, and the other minor colors you can see when you look closely at a slab of granite.

Certain varieties of granite are only found in certain regions of the world because of the unique geology of those locales. Blue pearl is a Norwegian variety of granite that has dark, intensely gray-blue coloring and a hard mineral composition that make it one of the greatest stones for kitchen countertops.  

Simple Elegance

These days, a good kitchen is all about texture. In the past, if you wanted a nice kitchen you had to over-decorate it with small appliances, decorative pieces like canisters, and busy wallpaper. But contemporary kitchens let great materials and clean lines speak for themselves.

Blue pearl granite is finely textured and colorful, with dominant gray tones, hints of blue, brown, white, and black, and fine color layering that almost makes them look precisely painted. However, the crystalline and shiny depth makes it clear that you’re looking at fine, genuine, and natural stone.

These days, darker countertops are more en vogue. Gray, blue, and black granite countertops offer a great visual contrast to white cabinetry, shiny appliances, cream-colored backsplash, and other neutrals. However, blue pearl granite also matches with other bold style choices, like blue or green cabinetry and patterned backsplash. The most stylish way to use granite is to install it on counter surfaces and on walls in place of backsplash tile. The simplicity of this gorgeous stone makes for an amazing centerpiece for your kitchen.


Blue pearl granite is highly stain and heat resistant, even when compared to other varieties of granite. However, virtually every variety of granite is resistant to moisture, weight, acids, cold, and heat. The dark, moody coloring of blue pearl granite, however, does a better job of concealing flaws. The natural shininess of the stone will radiate even when the surface is dirty. Re-seal your granite surfaces regularly and they’ll last the lifetime of your home.

If you want to learn more about blue pearl granite countertops in Roswell or see this fine material for yourself, visit Atlantis Granite & Marble. Our team of professional designers and installers will help you find the best piece of genuine stone for your kitchen countertops!