When remodeling a kitchen, the right quality countertops in Atlanta made from the best countertop materials in Atlanta can make all the difference. Making sure you get a good price on high quality countertops by the end of the project is essential. Here are 5 tips to take into consideration when remodeling a kitchen.

Get a Reality Check

Don’t ever make a decision about kitchen countertops based solely on what the material looks like. It might look beautiful while still being unrealistic for your home. If you have young kids at home who seem to constantly be spilling juice or food on the countertops, a pristine white marble might not be the best choice. If you are selling, you might want to get more bites on your home, so install something that sells easier, such as granite. Either way, think about your lifestyle and what works for you right now rather than what you think looks the most attractive.

Pick the Right Material

A contractor can definitely help you pick the right material, keeping in mind your budget, lifestyle, and material maintenance. Here are some of the different materials available that you might consider.

Granite is the top choice in most countertops these days because of its resale value and because it comes in a variety of colors and finishes.

There are of course other stone finishes such as marble and limestone that, although they are softer and therefore more delicate than marble, still can make a huge impact on a kitchen.

Quartz countertops are easily maintained and are stain & scratch resistant. They are more expensive than other stone options, but a great choice for homes with small children, as they are more hard wearing and don’t require maintenance.

Reconsider Mix and Match

It is actually pretty common nowadays for people to mix and match materials. You don’t have to pick just granite, or just quartz. Consider how it would look to have granite countertops and a beautiful white marble on the countertop on the island. It might be your style and it might not be, but there is no rule, unspoken or otherwise, stating you have to have the same material and style throughout your entire kitchen. It is your remodel, and you are free to be as creative as you would like…or not.

Think about the Edges

In addition to the materials, one of the other factors that will actually affect the price significantly is how you want the edges of your countertops cut. Square edges are most common and the least expensive as well, but you might pick a more expensive edge style based on your lifestyle and preferences.

Hire a Professional

Ultimately, the best way to ensure you get the right materials for the right price for your kitchen remodel is to hire a high quality, licensed contractor. Make sure you get a number of estimates, since costs for labor and materials will vary widely. You need to make sure you work with someone you trust and who will be communicative with you throughout the process.

Finding the right kitchen countertops for your new and improved kitchen can be a process. However, you can make the process much easier by thinking about these 5 tips as you go along.