As you start a remodel, the hardest choices are the most permanent ones. Choosing a new shower curtain is simple, but selecting a new tile countertop presents more of a challenge. Should you choose a classic style or a modern trend? Should you choose a bold color or stick with standard white? Narrowing down your choices and making a final selection is difficult, but these steps can help you pick the perfect tile for your kitchen or bathroom.


Before you sell yourself on a particular style of tiling, set a clear budget for your project and work with a professional in floor and countertop tiles in Atlanta to determine which options are available to you. While certain tiles, like linoleum or vinyl, are relatively inexpensive, options like custom ceramic tiles can be very expensive. Especially if you plan to tile a large area, you’ll need to decide which varieties will work in your space and price range before you select a style.


Will your tile go in your bathroom or your kitchen? Will you use it for a backsplash or bathroom countertops? The area where you install your tiles will largely determine which tile options are available to you. While quarry, ceramic, and porcelain are common for counters and floors, glass is typically reserved for backsplashes. If you’re tiling a floor, you may also pick from vinyl, cork, or bamboo options. Floor tiles differ from wall and countertop tiles in design and hold. Wall and countertop tiles are generally made with slicker and shinier material that is too slippery for a floor design. When you finally decide on a tile option, make sure that it was designed for the location you’ve chosen. Evaluate where you want the tile and what elements of heat, water, and traffic the tile will be exposed to so you can best determine which tile would best suit your needs.


Tile floors and countertops are installations that are built to last for a while, but not all styles of tile can withstand the wear and tear of constant traffic, pets, or spills. Before you invest in a particular style, take some time to consider your lifestyle. If your kids will frequently step or spill on your tiling, then you should pick a more durable option. Similarly, if you don’t believe you’ll be able or willing to upkeep higher-maintenance styles, then you should look for a simpler option.


Once you know what you need from your kitchen or bathroom tile, determine what qualities you want from your tile. Select a tiling option that both matches your lifestyle and your personal style. Since tiling is built to last, choose a pattern and color that will endure the test of time. While you can certainly select a trendy option, it may be better to choose a classic style that won’t become dated in the near future.

Kitchen and bathroom tiling adds style and durability to your home decor. As you select the ideal tile options for your home, use these steps to narrow down your selection. Identify which location would be best for tile, evaluate your budget and lifestyle, then select a tiling style that fits your needs and personality.