Very few countertop materials can stand the test of time. However, there are some easy ways to give new life to your Corian countertops. Whether you have Corian quartz as bathroom or kitchen countertops, or even backsplash, these are the steps that you can take to make your Corian surfaces look like new again. Follow these tips from countertop installation professionals, and you can remove some of the most common flaws that quartz surfaces may develop over time.


Some acidic or brightly colored substances can stain your Corian quartz countertops. Corian brand recommends that you try using a stain remover like Viakal gel. Follow the product instructions closely. You may have to repeat the treatment process a few times to get stains out.


Quartz is famously durable, but it can still scratch if you use very sharp knives or other damaging objects on your countertops. If you have light countertops, the scratches may not show as easily. However, dark countertops with light scratches will look obviously damaged. You can find products called stone fix at your local hardware store. Follow the directions closely to fill in scratches and smooth out the surface.


Make sure that you care for your quartz appropriately. Always wipe up spills with lukewarm water and ordinary soap on a soft cloth. Wipe the surface dry after cleaning to prevent ugly film buildup. While liquids won’t normally penetrate a quartz surface, you should still take care to wipe up spills as soon as possible. Always use cutting boards for chopping, and never put hot cookware directly on the surface. While some quartz products like Corian may claim to handle heat, there’s a limit, and if something is fresh off a hot stove, it may warp the surface. Unfortunately, heat damage probably can’t be repaired.


While Corian surfaces, like most quartz, are some of the longest-lasting, hardiest, and most enduring countertops out there–far exceeding the durability of laminate, ceramic tile, and even other stones like marble–there may be cases where it’s time to replace your Corian quartz.

For example, if large sections have cracked or chipped away due to recklessness, or if severe stains have set in, you may simply have to replace the material. Ask a professional who can install countertops for daily care tips that can prolong the life of your new quartz surfaces. If you just want to renew the look of your kitchen, then feel free to explore other varieties of quartz that can suit a more modern kitchen or bathroom design scheme.

New Corian Quartz

If you decide to replace your kitchen and bathroom surfaces, quartz is your best bet. Beautiful, convincing as real stone, low-maintenance, and longer-lasting that just about anything else, quartz is one of the finest materials for any home.

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