When you choose to install countertops in your kitchen or bathroom, you may put your prime focus on the type of material or its coloring. For instance, do you want marble or granite countertops? Which is the right color or palette of colors that would look best in the kitchen?

However, homeowners shouldn’t ignore another major quality of any countertops: the edge profile. Countertops installers in Atlanta will ask you to make this important decision before installation, and may even help you arrive at the right decision.

If you don’t realize the importance of considering edge profiles, read on to learn more about why this feature matters and the number of choices you have.

Total Customization

While pre-fabricated countertops already have an edge profile selected, your custom countertops options are more numerous. After all, you’re essentially starting from scratch. You’ll be asked to select the type of countertop first, but before experts can install the countertops, you’ll need to select the type of edge profile that works best for your kitchen or bathroom.

Style Choices

There are typically a few distinct styles of edges, and correlating your options to your kitchen or bathroom will help you make the right choice. Types include modern straight or bevel edges, which feature sharp and clean lines, or traditional edges, like an eased or dupont edge, which look elegant and feminine. There are also more rustic or eclectic choices, including the chiseled edge, which has a raw and rough-hewn look, as if the stone is straight from the quarry.

Match your edge profile choice to the surroundings for a cohesive design that looks great and makes sense. Ideally, visitors to your home should notice a distinct theme in every room, and your countertops contribute a great deal to this effect in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Big Impression

A kitchen and bathroom needs balance. Too many eye-catching and detailed features can make a room look cluttered and small, whereas too few interesting features can make a room feel cold and uninviting. So, before you install countertops surfaces, consider the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom. Does it need simple and pared-down features or something that will catch the eye?

Let your answer to this question help you select edge profiles. While some are simple and clean, other profiles are unique and detailed, attracting attention and adding detail to a room. Balance is key to good kitchen and bathroom design, so don’t make an edge profile decision without considering this important factor.


You should also consider your budget. The custom countertops estimate cost for Atlanta homes depends on a few factors, one of which is the edge profile. More detailed and hard-to-pull-off profiles, including curved and detailed edges, require longer work and better craftsmanship. Meanwhile, simple, straight edges or a single bullnose edge will be easy to execute and possibly cheaper. While this isn’t always true, there’s a chance that you can save money on custom countertops for your kitchen or bathroom if you elect to customize them with simple edges.

For assistance making a style decision that works for your kitchen or bathroom, talk to countertops installers in Atlanta. Their design team can help you choose the best edge profile.