When you’re selecting new countertops for your kitchen, you should think about their effect on the overall design. Since they take up a lot of visible space, it’s a good idea to pick a design you really like. Fortunately, granite kitchen countertops in Norcross won’t go out of style anytime soon, but you have other options as well. Below are some of the trends in kitchen designs to think about before you make your decision.

Natural Is Back

Granite countertops are seeing a rise in popularity because these materials are naturally beautiful. Each piece of granite is truly unique, and homeowners can hand pick the slab they like. You can choose from a range of colors, which include warm tones like brown and beige. Granite also comes in cool hues like blue and gray. Therefore, your granite kitchen countertops can be a natural match for virtually any kitchen design.

The great thing about these types of countertops is that they’re extremely durable. Granite is also heat-resistant, which is ideal for preparing delicious meals in your kitchen. Upkeep is fairly simple. Resealing them once a year is enough to prevent stains.

Elegant Marble

Marble countertops used to be the top choice for your kitchen. This material is probably one of the most expensive options for kitchen countertops, which is why it was considered a luxury. For a while, it gave way to other countertop options, but 2018 will see many new marble countertops installed. That’s because marble remains the most elegant solution you can find for your kitchen.

Marble’s cool surface is ideally suited for baking and rolling out dough. Marble countertops also come in a wide selection of colors, including white, reddish, violet, blue-gray, and yellow. Since marble is originally a light-colored rock, these colors will be cooler in tone than granite.

Resistant Quartz

Quartz countertops have become popular because they are resistant to staining as well as heat. Quartz never has to be sealed, and it doesn’t stain at all. In fact, it’s made up of a solid, non-porous surface that will stand the test of time. The trouble with quartz in the past has been that it was so lacking in style. For the kitchen, which is the main room for most homes, style cannot be ignored.

These types of countertops are making a comeback now because they’re available in many different styles. You can even choose a variety of colors and patterns that will look great in your kitchen. And with modern techniques, quartz can even be made to look like granite or marble.

High Contrast Countertops

One countertop trend you’ll see more of in 2018 is the need for contrast. Countertops don’t have to blend in to the kitchen design. Instead, they can be used to create a focal point and make a statement. For example, marble countertops are perfect for creating some contrast in your kitchen, especially when they include some bold veining. The veining that makes a pattern on your countertop can also be recreated with quartz. When you choose granite, you can pick the slab out yourself and pick the swirls and designs you like.