An engineered stone, quartz is one of the best materials for your kitchen countertop. Durable and attractive looking, quartz gives you great value for money. At Atlantis Granite & Marble, LLC, we specialize in quartz countertops in Roswell and neighboring areas.

Quartz is an engineered material made from 95% ground stone mixed with polymers and resins. Quartz is among the top-selling materials for kitchen countertops. Keep reading to learn the top benefits and features of using quartz for your kitchen.

Looks Attractive

Quartz is available in a wide range of colors and patterns and gives you more color and design options when compared to natural stones such as marble or granite. Quartz has an excellent finish and gives your kitchen a luxurious feel. Quartz countertops give your kitchen an opulent look for less price compared to granite or marble. Quartz also has a homogenous finish, making it look uniform all across the surface.

Very Durable

The manufacturing process of quartz makes it an ultradurable material, making it a great choice if you want excellent value for your money. Engineered quartz countertops are resistant to corrosion and stains from household cleaning solutions, spills, and oils. Quartz is nonporous, and it doesn’t require a sealant. The nonporous feature of quartz makes gives it excellent anti-bacterial properties, keeping your kitchen countertop clean and hygienic always.

Easy to Maintain

If you cook a lot and have little time to clean and maintain your kitchen, quartz is the ideal countertop solution for you. Due to the nonporous nature of quartz, it doesn’t absorb any kitchen spills, helping you maintain a clean and odor-free countertop surface. A mild detergent and a nonabrasive cleaning pad are the only cleaning supplies you need to gently wipe down your quartz countertops to keep them in great condition.

Highly Customizable

Since quartz countertops are engineered, they can be tailor-made to suit your design and color requirements. You can ask your contractor to create quartz of any shade using different types of pigments. The highly customizable design feature of quartz gives it an edge over other countertop materials such as granite and marble that come in natural hues and can’t be custom designed to suit your needs. Another great feature of quartz is that it will always appear how you ordered it, and there won’t be any significant variations or defects.

Very Strong

If you’re looking for the strongest countertop material, quartz is the best option. The engineering process of quartz ensures there are no air pockets, inner deficiencies, or cracks on the quartz surface. Quartz is highly resistant to scratching and chipping, and it is the ideal choice for busy families that use the countertop for multiple purposes.

Relatively Inexpensive

Quartz is cheap when compared to higher-grade granite; you’ll save money on kitchen countertops, which you can use on another aspect of your kitchen remodel. Though the price of engineered granite will vary depending on the brand and quality, you’ll find that it’s a much better bargain compared to marble and granite, and you get great quality for a lot less!

If you’re looking for a superior quality kitchen countertop material, which is durable and looks great, quartz is your best option! Contact Atlantis Granite & Marble LLC for custom countertops in Roswell.