Granite is renowned for its grace and durability. When properly maintained, granite has a luxurious quality that can last for decades. As beautiful as granite is, people forget about its versatility. Taken directly from the ground and polished, granite countertops come in a nearly infinite variety of colors. Which type of granite works best for you? Before you investigate custom countertop options in Atlanta, here are a few of the most popular types of granite countertops.

White Granite

With a clean, sophisticated look, white granite always makes an elegant impression. Furthermore, white granite has the effect of making a space look bigger than it is. A perfect solution for slightly smaller kitchens, white can also substantially open up large kitchens, especially those with darkly colored cabinetry. Don’t get the wrong impression. “White” means far more than just one shade. White can vary from a gleaming snow white, to a soft cream. Also, white brings out the veining and the crystals that reside within, so the texture of the stone itself really stands out. There’s nothing boring or basic about white. It is, in fact, a very dynamic shade of stone.

Beige Granite

Beige granite has more black, brown, and gray colored crystals within the rock. This unusual look has the effect of allowing it to blend seamlessly with several different styles of homes. Beige can work just as well with dark or lightly colored wood cabinets, curtains, and furniture, so you’re always free to redecorate without worrying whether or not your countertops will match. This is a perfect shade for anyone who appreciates a little versatility in their home, or who’s more interested in the accents than in the kitchen countertops themselves, while still using the gorgeous countertops as the kitchen’s primary color.

Black Granite

Contrary to its description, black brighten a room more than people think. A highly reflective surface, black granite seems to have more crystals within the rock, so when light hits it a certain way, it seems to sparkle. Furthermore, the striations within black granite are less noticeable, emphasizing the darkness of the stone itself. This lends black granite a dramatic appeal you can’t find anywhere else. The kitchen is the most important room in your house when it comes to a home’s resale value precisely because it’s the first place people congregate. Rich black granite is sure to increase the “Wow!” factor of any kitchen.

Jewel-Toned Granite

If you’ve been shopping around for countertops materials in Atlanta, perhaps you’ve noticed the incredible variety of colors that are available in granite. Jewel-toned granite usually refers to the extraordinary green and red colored granite you’ll see in warehouses. These work best in kitchens with muted wood tones, but when placed in the right environment, these oriental-themed stones can really pop. These striking, colorful stones, inundated with sparkling crystals, encourages you to decorate your kitchen with accents to match, creating a uniquely stylish environment.

With so many looks and colors to choose from, granite has the exceptional quality of providing beautiful, elegant options to everyone, regardless of their personal style. Whether you’re a modernist or a traditionalist, you can always find a color of granite that will work for you.