Bathrooms can be your place to unwind after a long day. Whether you’re relaxing in a long bath or getting ready at the start of your day, you should feel great about the way your bathrooms look. When you’re designing a bathroom for your home, make sure that you put plenty of consideration into the countertops for your bathroom vanity. And while there are many types of countertops, there are only a few options that will be right for every bathroom in your home. Consider the following when choosing a bathroom countertop.


Your sink is going to be a major deciding factor because it needs to fit perfectly into your countertops. There are many varieties of sinks. While some drop into the countertops, others sit on top of them or are installed from underneath. And while some faucets and knobs are built onto the sink itself, others must be cut out of the countertops and installed separately.

Features like the sink affect your choices between a pre-fabricated piece of granite countertops or need to customize your slab to fit the exact dimensions that you need.

Your Style

Everyone has design eras or motifs that they prefer. There are many types of stone countertops, and certain ones might look best to you. You might prefer multicolored, natural granite, or the polished look of engineered quartz. Even if you prefer a certain material like granite, you can customize the color and edge profile for various visual effects.

For instance, you can choose a curved, bullnose edge profile for a traditional elegance look. Or, try a flat edge for a contemporary, clean-lined appearance. Consider other options like a beveled edge without sharp edges if you have little kids.

You might even consider basing your bathroom style choices on the style of the rest of your home. While granite bathroom countertops are a great choice for more rustic or traditional homes, people with a more sleek and minimal design preference may choose to upgrade to quartz for its more contemporary and subtle beauty.


Bathroom countertops have to be strong enough to handle daily use. Some materials, like laminate, wood, or ceramic tile, won’t last very long because of constant bathroom use. These include water, humidity, potential exposure to mold and mildew, bathroom cleaning chemicals, and even UV light exposure.

You should choose bathroom countertops that are firm and won’t react poorly to moisture. However, they should also be easy to clean in case of spills. Always be sure to select a non-porous surface material, like quartz, or seal a porous material like granite so that it won’t absorb moisture. Granite is one of the best surfaces for bathrooms because if re-sealed regularly, it can last for many years in a frequently used bathroom.

Price Points

If budget is a concern, don’t ignore it. You may have to make compromises. Estimate your square footage requirements and get estimates. If you want something high-end and luxurious, but can’t afford to do all your bathrooms the same, then consider doing it in one high-traffic bathroom instead of all of them. Or, if you want a stone-looking surface without the high price tag, consider solid-surface materials that are designed to look like natural stone. They’re slightly lower in price and easy to maintain.

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