Granite is a material that just doesn’t go out of style. A fine, genuine, and natural stone, granite has a lasting appeal that has wowed homeowners for centuries, and today is no different. However, if anything should change regarding granite, it’s the specific color variety that you choose. While pink or blue granite was immensely popular in previous decades, it’s almost 2020, and this means updating your kitchen and bathroom surfaces to match current trends.

Granite kitchen countertops naturally vary in color based on the specific minerals and conditions affecting the stone. Certain colors may be more common in certain areas of the world. So, which granite countertops color should you choose? These are the top trending color varieties that can inspire your kitchen and bathroom designs this year!


Classic and easy to design around, white granite matches with just about anything under the sun, except maybe very light, neutral cabinetry. If you’re on board with the trend of unique, dark cabinetry colors–including forest green and eggplant–white granite can balance these striking color choices with something classic and simple. Try Alaska White granite: a simple white with small, dark detailing that feels classic and contemporary at the same time.

Dark Green

Dark green is a great choice if you want to go bold with your countertops. Many people prefer colorful stone backsplash now, replacing the recent trend of geometric tile backsplash. Try Ubatuba granite, a dark green-black that enamors you. It has a sophisticated and mature look that’s great for adding class to a simple kitchen.

Sandy Brown

Always a comforting, welcoming color, sandy brown reminds people of sandy shores, the great outdoors, and natural foliage. Santa Cecilia Light Granite is a trending variety of granite that’s warm without being too old-fashioned or casual. It has a creamy, soft-looking texture layered with elegant burgundy and gold.

Light Gray

A great choice for granite backsplash and countertops alike, light gray is a classic design color that’s perfect for your kitchen and bathrooms. Light gray varieties of granite pair perfectly with stainless steel appliances, white porcelain fixtures in bathrooms, and metallic accents like faucets and drawer pulls. It has a modern, crisp look that’s truly contemporary and extremely stylish. White Ice Granite has a cool, chilly look, with white, gray, and black elements that feel incredibly cutting-edge.


A bold but very eye-catching choice, red granite is sure to make an impression with its warm coloring and bright hue. White Spring Granite contains bold streaks of red dotted with dark flecks across a white backdrop. It’s a unique and surprisingly stylish choice. Red granite kitchen countertops will pair perfectly with just about any neutral cabinetry, like navy blue or a deep walnut finish.

There are many great varieties of granite to try in your kitchen or bathrooms. But the most important choice you can make is selecting a countertops installer. Atlantis Granite & Marble carries an extensive variety of granite countertops in Atlanta, and our specialists can help you through the entire design and installation process. We even carry marble, quartz, and other fine materials. Call us today to find the best stone surface for your kitchen and bathrooms!