It’s a new decade, and that means that it’s time to update your home to suit the latest and greatest in home design trends. Unlike trends in fashion, home design trends are long-lasting. This means that if you update your home this year, you’ll experience a whole decade of innovative kitchen design features that will continue to impress. Rely on countertop specialists near Atlanta for craftsmanship that holds up for many years.

So, where should you focus your home updates? Kitchen countertops are better than ever in 2020. These are some of the trending designs to look out for – and bring home – this year.

More Quartz

Resembling genuine marble and other precious stones but enhanced with resins for ultimate durability, quartz has endless benefits. So, it’s no wonder why homeowners worldwide are falling even more in love with quartz. As for 2020 design trends, look for wall-to-wall surface quartz and even quartz used as a hardy, clean-looking substitute for traditional backsplash.

Quartz with a marble-like, smooth, almost crystalline appearance is sure to dominate modern kitchen aesthetics. Talk to local countertops installers to explore your many quartz designs and customization options.

Honed Finish

Architecture and interior design experts have witnessed a dramatic shift away from glossy, reflective materials and a preference for matte, textured surfaces. This is all part of a movement away from needless clutter and toward interiors that rely on extremely high-quality materials as the design focus. When it comes to kitchen countertops, look for honed finishes on all kinds of popular materials.

A honed finish is a treatment that depending on the material, may provide a layer of added protection. In the case of granite and marble, finished seals require lower maintenance. Finishes can alter the appearance of material too. Honed finishes offer low reflectivity and a more earthy, natural look that emphasizes the textured character of fine surface materials.

Surprising Neutrals

Many of the most prized new homes are constructed with surprising materials once reserved only for commercial or even industrial projects. These include concrete, naturally finished wood and even distressed metal. Kitchen countertops that reflect the masculine and neutral-colored look of these surfaces are popular in 2020. This represents a shift from stark-white or jewel tones that were popular in the previous decade.

Look for light gray, honey brown, and blue-white surface materials. Thankfully, popular options like granite, quartz, and marble are available in these neutral tones. These laid-back colors catch natural light beautifully and give your kitchen a calmly inviting look. There’s no need for extremely bright colors or eccentric patterns when a kitchen is already designed to look bright, airy, and balanced. They’ll attract attention without popping out of place and diminishing the look of countertops, flooring, and other kitchen features.

If you’re ready to update your home with the most innovative and breathtaking design trends of 2020, start with your countertops. Atlantis Granite & Marble is your resource for the finest countertop materials, high-quality installation, and enhanced protective treatments. Contact us today to get a quote on countertops installation cost in Atlanta.