Granite is one of the most popular varieties of countertops and is significantly more affordable than other stone materials like quartz or marble kitchen countertops. Granite countertops from Johns Creek are beautiful, hardy, and long-lasting surfaces for any home, so it’s no wonder why they won’t be going out of style any time soon.

When you start shopping for granite bathrooms or kitchen countertops, you may assume that you have a limited choice of colors. However, there are many types. Read on to explore your options and find out what surface is right for you.

Tiled Granite

Did you know that granite is available in tile form? Rather than installing large countertop slabs in your kitchen, an installation team will place small granite tiles in a grid formation. Then, they’ll secure them in place with epoxy (a plastic bonding agent) to act as grout. While the surface won’t look as smooth as it would if you were to install large, continuous slabs, tiled granite has an engaging texture that’s great for Old World or rustic kitchens. Many people choose to install tiled granite on islands or outdoor kitchens for a bit of fun contrast.

Modular Granite

Affordable and attainable, modular granite consists of pre-cut and pre-sealed granite slabs that are ready for installation rather than customized for a homeowner’s kitchen. They’re available in limited measurements, but these standardized measurements are likely to fit most modern home kitchens. The modular slabs tend to be smaller than custom ones, but if you’re looking for low-cost countertops materials, modular granite is far superior to laminate, ceramic tile, or other affordable materials.

Classic Colors

When people think of granite, they tend to think of brown, black, gray, or white slabs. These are some of the most common varieties. Thankfully, they’re also some of the most versatile. Pair any of these classic countertops with charming hardwood flooring and naturally finished cabinetry. Do you want a clean, bright kitchen but don’t want it to look boring? Pair white cabinetry with black or gray granite countertops.

Bold Colors

Granite isn’t always so predictable. In certain regions, a unique mineral content will naturally result in bold, beautiful granite colors. You can find rare jewel-toned granite through some retailers–slabs that have a crystalline beauty and an original coloring that feels completely one-of-a-kind. Look for bright green, blue, pink, or even fiery red granite that’s sure to catch eyes. The best way to style your kitchen is with color balance in mind, so use bold granite to add contrast and vibrancy to a neutral-colored kitchen with dark cabinetry. Your kitchen will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Slab Granite

Customized into flat panels or slabs, this is the most well-known type of granite. Slab granite is special ordered based on specific measurements, so they’re a perfect fit for various vanities, cabinets, custom sinks, and more. Slab granite can even be customized with a specific edge profile, such as straight, square, beveled, or quarter round, to perfect your interior design scheme. While this tends to be a pricier option. It’s the most stylish and can even last longer. Call Atlantis Granite & Marble to learn how you can get a beautiful granite surface at a low countertops installation cost in Johns Creek.