There are many types of countertops for you to consider for your bathrooms, kitchen, and bar. Stone is among the most popular options because stone is naturally durable and classically beautiful. Of course, not every type of rock you dig up belongs on a countertop. There are a few types of stone that are perfect for homes and can handle everyday use. The best quality countertops in Atlanta include the following types of stone.


Granite is a type of magmatic stone, or stone formed as a result of volcanic activity. Granite typically contains veins containing flecks of other types of stone inside, including certain types of metallic crystal that give granite its signature shine. Because different interactions between magma and minerals create granite, nearly every granite slab you find is entirely unique. Unlike manufactured countertop tiles, a granite surface will be completely original. Granite is known for being resistant to extreme cold, certain household chemicals, and rough surface activity like chopping and storing heavy goods.

Marble and Limestone

These beautiful sedimentary stones are famous for their worldwide use in architectural construction and art. When granite deep inside the earth is pushed to the surface, sedimentary stones that were originally in shallow areas are compressed below. Sedimentary stone is known for being found in riverbeds, ocean floors, and more. Its composition of compressed sediment gives marble its beautiful veins. Marble and limestone are high in calcium carbonate, which gives it a high resistance to acidic foods and heat. Limestone is simply younger marble, which has a patina finish as opposed to marble’s reflective shine.


Among the best customer countertops options, travertine is another calcareous stone, like marble and limestone, giving it a high heat and acid resistance. It is a specific type of limestone with a unique chemical makeup, giving it small holes and a crystalline filling. To prevent unsanitary pores, travertine is often filled with cement to prevent absorption. It has a unique and modern appearance that is distinct from any other type of limestone.

Manmade Quartz

Engineered quartz is specifically designed to have user-friendly qualities. It’s composed of a mixture of quartz crystals, silica, and resin, which is then cut into large blocks and custom slabs. It has a smooth, uniform appearance that makes it popular with minimalists. Though quartz is a natural stone, quartz countertops are manmade and contain quartz. However, this manmade process gives it a chemically-resistant, durable, and non-porous finish that makes it great for kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Its only flaw when compared to natural stone like granite is its vulnerability to UV light damage.

If you want to learn about other types of quality countertops in Atlanta, visit a countertops showroom to learn about your options. A countertops outlet can help you determine which substance is right for your kitchen, bathroom, bar, outdoor kitchenette, and other areas. Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, or just want to make some improvements to your current countertops, you should always consider stone slabs first. Natural stone and engineered quartz are designed to stand up to human activity and are extremely long-lasting. Stone structures from ancient times are still standing today, and stone countertops have a similarly long lifespan, as long as you care for them appropriately.