It’s no wonder so many homeowners have chosen granite for their indoor and outdoor kitchen work surfaces. Granite has been the most popular natural stone for a number of years because it is resistant to heat and scratches while adding quality and beauty.

By thinking about color, finish, type of edge, backsplash materials, flooring, and lighting you can create the best design for your granite kitchen countertops, whatever the style of your house.

Let’s look at 10 designs:

  • Craftsman homes emphasize a relationship with nature and the craft of construction. They feature a combination of stone and wood, so granite is a great choice for your kitchen countertops. The high quality and variety of color options for granite makes it easy to coordinate with the rest of your interior.
  • Cottages are smaller houses or bungalows with details that evoke the 1920s.  Similar to the Craftsman, the details are simpler and the woodwork is usually painted.  For this style, consider a light shade of granite and low-contrast color scheme.
  • Country-style homes generally have wide porches, shutters, dormers, and wood detailing. White granite with a sky-blue beaded-board backsplash can add to the casual welcoming look that characterizes country kitchens.
  • European style homes often have an old-but-durable panache. Black granite with gold swirls and an extended bevel edge will provide a sophisticated look.
  • Farmhouse style are popular because they have a timeless, durable, practical feel.  That makes granite the perfect choice. Use mason jars to hold items you like close at hand, such as wooden spoons, to keep your granite countertop neat and tidy.
  • Mediterranean style houses often have tiled roofs, while the interiors utilize exposed wood beams and decorative tile. The kitchen is a central focal point. Think about dark wood, cream granite and a multicolored tile backsplash.
  • Modern refers to a design style created in the 1920s – 1950s. The houses have flat or lower slope roofs, horizontal windows, and stone with clean lines. Black, white, or gray granite with a high-gloss finish, stainless appliances and bold accent colors are perfect for this type of kitchen.
  • Ranch houses has come to mean any single story house. Think about incorporating two granite colors, such as a veined granite on a kitchen island and a solid granite for countertops. You might want to take a sample of your cabinets with you when you choose the granite.
  • Southern houses typically have wrap-around porches and wide roof overhands. While everyone seems to have their own take on Southern design, the kitchen is filled with food, love and family. You have many options of colors and finishes to choose from to give your kitchen that warm, comforting feel.
  • Traditional is a term that encompasses elements from many styles. Most busy families prefer a casual, yet cozy dining space that provides comfortable space for meals, as well as a place to do homework and prepare quick, healthy snacks. Think about neutral or muted colors such as creams, whites, taupes, or light grays.

No matter what type of home you have, you can find granite kitchen countertops in Cumming that will be a perfect match.