Perhaps you’re trying to set your home up for sale with a successful open house, or maybe you just want to spice up your home for yourself. Either way, we think one of the most important and often overlooked rooms is the bathroom. We’ve compiled a list of ways for you to make your bathroom look expensive that go beyond just renovating your bathroom countertops.

Pretty in Place

There’s no more powerful aesthetic than walking into a room and knowing that everything is in its place. Your bathroom is no exception. Take inventory of what’s in your bathroom, and see if anything on your countertop space could be more organized—or even just organized in a way that’s cuter, prettier, or more sophisticated. Replace that cup with your toothbrushes in it for a container made of glass or metal. Get small jars with matching lids for storing cotton swabs or displaying potpourri.

Have a Seat

If your bathroom is big enough, try incorporating a countertop space that allows for a small chair in front of your vanity. This is an instant style boost for any bathroom, and lets you coordinate one more fun detail into your home.

Hall of Mirrors

If you don’t already have a large vanity mirror, get creative with the kind of mirror that you decide to display over your bathroom sink. It can be decorative, ornate, or minimalistic depending on the style of your bathroom, but a great choice of mirror can instantly make the bathroom look more sophisticated.

Monogram Mantra

A monogram is an insignia that shows your initials, or perhaps even the first initial of your last name. Getting a monogram printed on towels, even just small hand towels, instantly makes the bathroom look posh.

Brass Accents

The functionality of brass depends on the design of your bathroom. With that taken into account, a brass side-mirror or brass coloring on your light fixtures or hangers are all great options for giving your bathroom a 20s feeling to it. And nothing says expensive like the fashions of the roaring 20s.

The Bathroom Mat

The traditional bathroom mats and rugs are reminiscent of a small hairy dog. As that rug ages, it then starts to look like an old hairy dog. To avoid the scruffy look of this dilemma, consider adding a Turkish or Persian rug to your bathroom. If you’re concerned about damage, there are plenty of Persian style rug options that are less expensive, and therefore less of a liability.

Purposeful Hangers

This is a simple, yet profound fresh touch to a bathroom space. Add a small metallic hook right outside of the shower space or near the vanity for you to hang anything from handbags to robes to wet towels.

Counter Changes

If you’re wanting more of a facelift to your bathroom than simple accent adjustments, then you should consider redoing the countertops in your bathroom space. This will allow you, from a style perspective, to start from scratch and build the room up into something completely fresh, new, and extravagant.

There are plenty of options, big and small, for making your bathroom look more expensive. From the smallest details to the biggest renovation projects, the options really are limitless. We hope our suggestions are helpful and that you find what you’re looking for in renovating your bathroom countertops.