Are you interested in upgrading your bathrooms with beautiful new countertops? New bathroom countertops are an essential part of any re-design or remodel, so you should consider your custom countertops options in Atlanta to get the best possible result. Unlike prefabricated slabs, custom countertops give you total design control over important features, including the appearance of the material, its proportions, edge detailing, and so much more.

Remodeling a bathroom can be a long and stressful experience if you don’t know what to expect. Alleviate some future stress with this simple guide. Here are the most important things to consider if you’d love to install bathroom countertops.

Choosing the Right Material

Your countertops have a monumental effect on how your bathroom looks, so you need to choose a material carefully. There are many countertops materials to consider, from classy marble to homey granite, sleek quartz to affordable laminate, and so many more. Most materials look drastically different from one another. Choosing the wrong look can throw off your design. For instance, a contemporary and minimal bathroom would look odd with high-texture, multicolored countertops. Conversely, a traditional and romantic bathroom is a poor environment for contemporary materials.

The new countertops material you select must be able to serve multiple purposes, too. The surface should be beautiful, strong enough to support surface weight, light enough for your vanity or lower cabinets, durable enough to handle everyday use, and resistant to both standing water and humid air.

Why and How to Replace

If your current countertops show signs of water damage, age, stains, or other flaws, replacement is necessary. Poor-quality countertops can ruin the appearance of a bathroom, no matter how elegant other features like the mirror or shower may be.

Repairing a countertop is extremely difficult or even impossible, especially when it comes to glaring chips or scratches. If you’re curious about the price you’ll need to invest, you can contact a specialist near you for a countertop estimate cost. Have a choice material and specific dimensions in mind in order to get an accurate quote for both customizing the slab and the requisite installation work.

You should ideally craft a custom slab to fit snugly around the sink and faucet. Prefabricated countertops limit your options significantly.

Styling Options

There are many ways to customize the right countertop for your bathroom. The best approach is to try to match the built-ins that you don’t plan on replacing, like the sink or faucet. Look to the shape of these fixtures and try to create a visual motif, or repetitive images, with the countertops. For example, industrial and angular fixtures will look great with clean, straight-edged countertops. Elegant curves match perfectly with the florid veining in marble or custom quartz.

You can also take inspiration from the color of the flooring, backsplash, or shower tile if you have a look in mind. If you’re just replacing the countertops, talk to a countertops specialist to select a material, texture, and color that looks compatible with these features.

How to Begin Replacement

While you have many routes for replacing your bathroom countertops, including DIY, you should find a high-quality countertops specialist that can skillfully design according to your specifications. These specialists will offer the most custom countertops options in Atlanta, so you can get the exact look you want from your new bathroom. They’ll even professionally install the material of your choice with long-lasting, beautiful results.