As experienced countertops installers in Brookhaven, people often ask us to help them complete their kitchen renovations. As they discuss when they want us to come complete the installation for them, they often ask us about the schedule for renovations. What order should the renovations be completed? When should the countertops get installed? In order to answer these questions, here is a typical schedule that people follow when renovating their kitchen.


After gathering all the materials and completing any necessary demolition, the first step is typically the basic plumbing. If people need to replace old pipes, move the plumbing to a new location, or add a new gas line, this is the time to do it. They may need to have a plumber come into their home to help with this step.


After the plumbing is completed, it’s time to call in the electrician to help with wiring, installing ceiling fixtures, and adding connections for the telephone, cable, and the internet. During this phase, drywall should be completed if it had to be taken out during demolition, and the windows should be replaced if homeowners decided to change them.


If homeowners chose to add underfloor heating, now is the time to install it. Then the new floor, such as tile or hardwood, can be installed. After it’s in place, use safeguards to avoid any damage to the floor for the rest of the construction process.


Next, the cabinets should be replaced. Whether homeowners chose to replace or redo their cabinets, they can complete that process now. It’s recommended to start with the upper cabinets before installing the lower ones. Make sure that they are securely in place before moving on to the next step.


If the old appliances were moved for the renovations, now is the time to replace them in the kitchen. For homeowners that made the decision to upgrade their appliances, they should plan on having the new ones delivered before starting the countertops.


With the appliances in place, now is the time to complete the countertops. With everything else in place, we make sure that the size and fit of the countertops work perfectly with the renovations that have been completed already. For homeowners that need to wait to install the sink, it’s helpful to have it on hand to help us know the measurements for the space.


Depending on the type of sink that will be installed in the kitchen, it may be necessary to install it before the countertops are installed. Along with the sink, homeowners can have the faucet and other plumbing fixtures installed. After the sink is done, people can complete the final touches, such as adding a backsplash, the cabinet hardware, or paint for the walls.

When it comes to renovating the kitchen or the bathroom, it’s important to follow the proper order for renovations. Otherwise, the construction process could cause damage to items already installed. As countertops installers, we recommend following a similar schedule to the one listed above. Of course, every renovation is going to be different, so people will have different factors that need to be taken into consideration when planning the schedule for their home.