There’s a current trend toward rougher around the edges, simplistic building materials that offer an industrial look to homes. One emblem of this movement is the relatively new concrete countertop. A fad of installing concrete countertops rather than other hard surfaces, such as natural stone, may seem to save homeowners money and offer a trendy look. However, “buyer beware” was never a more fitting warning than when choosing your countertops.
Concrete countertops may be a fad, but they’re not a great option for your home kitchen. Why not stick with the classics, such as natural granite kitchen tops? Here’s why.


It’s as simple as comparing their everyday benefits. While concrete is a useful material, it’s best applied as a sidewalk, driveway, or foundation. It can carry heavy weight and lasts a long time. However, concrete isn’t as useful as other materials, including granite or marble, when used as kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Concrete is porous and hard to seal, meaning that germs and stains will easily settle into the surface. This can make concrete unsanitary and unsightly over time. Worse, though, are the heavy metals found in concrete that can rise to the surface and contaminate your food. So, while concrete is a hard material, it’s just not necessarily appropriate as a countertop.

Don’t believe the myth that concrete is stronger than granite either. Granite is an incredibly durable, natural stone, so it’s literally hard as a rock! Concrete is also just as prone to scratches and nicks as popular alternatives.

A Fleeting Trend

It’s worth noting that there’s a difference between a trend and a fad. A trend represents a shift or development in the world of design, such as when granite countertops became increasingly popular in the 1990s. This trend continues to this day. A fad, meanwhile, is a movement that’s new, popular, and short-lived. Granite is an example of the former, while concrete is the latter.

The truth is that granite kitchen countertops will always be in style, even as color preferences change. For instance, there’s a current preference for granite countertops that have notes of gray in them and a more uniform texture. Concrete countertops represent a short-lived design concept, and in just a few years, you’ll be hungering to replace them. Your concrete surfaces will look as odd and outdated as the clothes you wore when you were a teenager.

Investing in granite means electing to give your kitchen a functional, stylish upgrade that will look as beautiful in a few decades as they do now as long as you reseal them regularly.

Price vs. Value

Finally, it’s important to consider the difference between price and value. Confusing the two can be to your disadvantage. While concrete countertops have a low price (the initial cost of the product), they have less value than granite. That’s because granite, while it has a higher price tag, lasts longer, offers a better daily experience, and won’t go out of style soon. It also adds value to your home that exceeds that of concrete. So you end up getting more for your money.

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