There are some projects around the kitchen or bathroom that you can easily handle on your own. Maybe you have the skills to repair a leaky faucet or clean grimy grout. But certain skills require intense and professional skills to pull off; therefore, you should consider leaving these projects to professionals.

Installing countertops materials in Atlanta, for example, requires more than some handy skills around the house. It takes a professional touch to handle such delicate and valuable materials that will be essential to the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom. Skilled professionals can install countertops in Atlanta for affordable prices and with amazing results. Here are a few reasons why you should hire professional assistance to handle your new countertop project.

A Worthwhile Investment

If you have invested in granite, quartz, marble, or another valuable substance, why would you attempt to install it yourself? A professional installer knows how to pull off a clean, even, and level installation. Without proper skills and training, your results could potentially be shoddy. If you have invested in high-end bathroom surfaces or countertops for your kitchen in Atlanta, why would you want the installed result to look as poor as outdated vinyl?

Complicated Work

But what if you feel you have the skills to pull off professional-grade work? Without training, this is not likely. Installing countertops may seem as simple as gluing a flat slab onto cabinetry and sliding it against the wall, but the average kitchen is more complicated than that. First of all, there are exact cuts and openings to fit in place for your sink, stovetop, and other appliances. Any margin of error can offset the plumbing and electrical work that is already in place. Second, installing countertops on an island leaves you without a wall to fit the piece against; the slab must balance without any vertical support. Third, installing countertops requires that you work around any unusual angles, custom edge work, or backsplashes that are in place.

Though vinyl and tile are easier to install at home, you will still need professional assistance before installation begins: to select the best type of grout for the former and to cut a custom piece of vinyl for the latter. There are no countertop materials anyone could recommend you install in your own home. Even professional craftsmen request their coworkers’ assistance when working on their own kitchens and bathrooms.

The Flaws of Poor Work

So what if you decide to go ahead and install your own countertops, even without the experience to lift, measure, place, and secure materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops in Atlanta? Your confidence can be costly. Some of the dangers of DIY installation include:

  • Cracking or breaking the slab–especially common with granite and soapstone
  • Injuring yourself by attempting to lift heavy countertop materials
  • Encountering plumbing or electrical issues
  • Countertops that are not level
  • Awkward joints between slabs or tiles
  • Messy grout
  • Edges that do not sit flush with the cabinetry
  • Gaps between the countertop and the wall
  • Spaces that can attract food crumbs, bacteria, and fungi
  • Unattractive results

The Costs of DIY Installation

Hiring professionals cost you money—that goes without saying. What is often unmentioned, though, is the cost of doing delicate installations yourself, such as installing countertops surfaces in Atlanta. Take, for instance, the materials that you will need. In order to properly prepare and install a countertop material, you need:

  • Scribing tools
  • Filing tools
  • Specialized saws
  • Sealant substances
  • Silicone
  • A level
  • Specialized pads and sandpaper (specifically for stone surfaces)
  • Protective wear (rated and approved for silica)

All of this will be required in addition to household basics, such as a drill, hammer, and tape measure. Though you may already own these common tools, you will have to rent or purchase some of the above materials, which can be extremely costly.

Also keep in mind that if you fail to properly install your countertops, you will need to hire professionals to not only correct or even undo the work you have done, but to start from scratch, if necessary. With professional assistance, you have the promise of an installation contract, a deadline, high-quality work, and a huge time savings for you. When you hire professional assistance to install countertops in Atlanta, you can expect flawless results.